If you’re looking for unique art, you have found the place!

By SteveArt, 25 April 2017

If you are looking or some unique art, then search no further, you have found what you are looking for!
Click here to see some that are available but Please NOTE, This site does not list nearly all the works that are or can be available. Custom works can be done plus many of the pieces used as cover art for songs and albums on the SoundsGoodMan.com indie record label can be acquired either with or without the band and album name, so please keep in mind what is shown here is very limited, please check the music site and/or contact me with questions, requests or to commission a piece or installation.
All of the art on here is stretched canvass over a wooden frame and unless it is stated as the original these are high quality reproductions of my original copyrighted work. There are various sizes, colors, moods, etc and all are created 100% by me, these aren’t just being churned out by some reproduction house with typical art, these are unique.
Thank you for supporting independent art and artists such as myself!
All pieces are shipped with insurance and tracking info.
If you have any questions or would like to inquire about custom pieces, installations or galleries etc please contact me.
If you would like to be on the once a month mailing list let me know. I do not sell, rent or share your contact info and you can unsubscribe very easily if you so choose.

If you’d like some nice music that also covers a very wide range, then check out my music site with many types of music, it is SoundsGoodMan.com

Thank you,


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