First off I want to thank you for supporting independent efforts like this and I ask that you look for ways to support local (if possible) or at the very least independent artists and businesses in general. Corporations have eaten up so much of this world and it is harder and harder to find handcrafted goods and places that are run by individuals where what they create is still driven by their heart and ideas, not what some marketing research says will sell. Independents are out there, so look around and support your neighbors and if you do buy from out of your area, look for things crafted by people because of the love of what they do instead of by machines and people that do it just for money.

I am an artist and musician, I have this site for the art and the site SoundsGoodManRecords.com for the music. I am not a clearing house just buying up and shipping out as much as possible, all the art and music is by me along with as much of every aspect of all of these things as possible including the creation of the art and music, the websites, etc. I do have a company stretch my canvasses and when something is not stated as the original work, make the reproduction from my original, another company stores my music and is the place you download the music from and then there are PayPal or other ways for payments of the art, but beyond that it’s pretty much a one man show and it takes people supporting that to keep it going. As time goes on I may have art by others and music by others and all of that if and when it happens will also be independent people that love what they do and yet may not have a way to get it out to people that want it. I will NEVER hand over the rights to any of the creations for any use I do not agree with and none of the creative or advertising or other decisions will be in the hands of others.
You hear about that all the time where people sign away control and regret it.
Well, that shall not happen here, thank you very much! 🙂

Contact me with any questions or to inquire about custom pieces, installations or galleries etc.

So, again, thank you for supporting me in these efforts, may the art or music move you in a beneficial way.

Thanks and Peace,
Steve D Howard

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