This site does not list nearly all the works that are or can be available. Custom works can be done plus many of the pieces used as cover art for songs and albums on the SoundsGoodManRecords.com indie record label can be acquired either with or without the band and album name, so please keep in mind what is shown here is very limited, please check the music site and/or contact me with questions, requests or to commission a piece or installation.

All of the art on here is stretched canvass over a wooden frame and unless it is stated as the original these are high quality reproductions of my original copyrighted work. Photos are here and are meant to convey the look of the piece but note the photos are low resolution, so the actual pieces have more detail and usually more vivid color but the photos intend to as close as possible show you how it will look when you receive it (with the exception that the “watermarking” where it says something like “c2022SDH NebulaMoon.com” will not be on the piece you receive). All photos are of an actual piece but due to what a camera does to an image along with the fact that I have compressed the photos which means I made the images smaller and with lower quality so that they load quicker for you on your computer or table or phone and the fact that your screen may alter color or contrast or brightness very slightly, the photos may have a very small difference in look from the actual piece but that will be small and is the case with anything viewed on a screen as opposed to in real life. I doubt I had to mention that as it’s obvious but thought I should.

All of the pieces are shipped without hangers because people have a number of different ways they like to hang pictures, such as anywhere from just hanging it on a nail (since it does have the 3/4? think frame which the canvass is stretch on) or with a wire across the back, with the “tooth” type hangers, with eyelets, or other ways, I do not include the hangers, Hangers are not included. You will need to get whichever type you want either at your local hardware store or elsewhere (they are not expensive and they are easy to use).

The art here is all original by me (SDH) and is copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

Depending on the size and where it is shipped to, the pieces may be coming to you via the US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx. All will include insurance and tracking info.
If you live outside of the Continental United States please contact me with your address and I will calculate the cost for you.
If you receive a damaged item, document the damage and contact the carrier (USPS, UPS, FED Ex) and then contact me. Do not return anything before contacting me first.

If you receive a damaged item, document the damage (take pictures of the box and any damage immediately) and contact the carrier (USPS, UPS, FED Ex) and then contact me.
All items are shipped with insurance, so make sure to contact the carrier first if there is any damage.
Returns if you don’t want it are accepted upon condition, please see the “Returns” section below. Contact me before you return it.

All billing and payments are handled through PayPal (unless you contact me and we arrive at some other way) and they use your bank or card info for the payment, and while I am Verified with them, I never even see your bank or card info.
If you have any problems with the billing feel free to contact me, but if there is any issue PayPal (or whatever other that is used) may be able to answer your questions more fully than I but as I said, feel free to contact me and no matter what issue or question or concern you have I will do my best to resolve it. Elsewhere on this page it covers shipping damage and returns. Please read those and contact me before shipping anything back to me, I do not accept any packages and will tell the carrier I refuse them unless you contact me first.

Returns are accepted with you covering return shipping cost and you will receive a refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling cost to you. The item must be in original condition. Contact me before you return it. If you want to return the item because of shipping damage, refer to the section above titled “Damaged Item”

I never sell, rent or share your information. I do have a once a month newsletter which I only send to people interested in it and you can always opt out as easy as emailing and telling me to stop the mailings. All billing and payments are handled through PayPal (unless you contact me and we arrive at some other way) and they use your bank or card info for the payment, and while I am Verified with them, I never even see your bank or card info.
They take people’s privacy and safety seriously but you would have to check with them on specific policy pertaining to their handling of your information as I have nothing to do with that part.

If you would like to receive the once a month newsletter which will also include any sales or special offers for past customers please let me know by contacting me. You can unsubscribe at any time and as mentioned above in the “privacy” section I do not sell, rent or share your email with anyone.

I am not liable for any typos or anything along those lines, so if, for example, a piece is listed at a certain price, but another price comes up in the shopping cart that would be unintentional and all you need do is contact me and I will set it at the intended price asap.
If you have already paid and it is less than the price intended I can either choose to send the art at that price or refund your full amount paid or offer you to pay the difference of what you paid and the actual amount.
If you have paid more than the intended amount a refund will be given for the difference of what you paid and what the intended price was. Please verify all is correct before proceeding all the way through the checkout process at PayPal. Contact me with any questions or concerns or contact PayPal if you have any questions on their site, your account with them, etc.
You will never be charged by me for anything without your consent (I can not even initiate a charge on your card as PayPal is set up to only allow you to go through the process to pay for an item, plus as I mentioned PayPal handles the card process, I don’t).
If you are due a refund, you would not have to pay any fees on refunds as it would be in full. (Returns are handled differently, please see the “Returns” and “Damaged Item” sections above for info on that).

You can Email me at collabsATgmx.com just make sure to change the AT to the normal @ sign.

Latest update to these terms March 19, 2018

Thank you!

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